Friends Helping Friends

Dawson county friends helping friends, Free Labor

This site is for Dawson County and Dawsonville citizens but has no afiliation with County or Local Goverment.

I have been In the Construction field for over 35 years, everything from A-Z, I am searching for a Job now, as I was laid off Sept 2009. But instead of just twiddling my thumbs and wishing, I decided to try to help some people like myself, around the house. The term Free is just that, yes a tip here and there would help, gas money. BUT, If you need help, we can work something out-or even free. I am talking, odd jobs, electrical outlet, hook up a pc., getting some wood to the house, putting in a door, re keying or replacing your locks, point is, as a friend we can eliminate alot out of the equation. and that in itself is 1/2 the cost.

By helping people, I hope to enhance my circle of friends, and there is no telling where that may lead, my wife Linda and I are just very simple people. I did put a donation button in the page, for those of you that want to, and can afford a few bucks, but I dont want to seem like I am begging for a hand out.

I still need to do some work on this page but, please feel free to contact me at

you can get other info from my web site